Moodmaker Latex Pillow Standard

Moodmaker Latex Pillow Standard
SKU Latex P std

Moodmaker Latex Pillow

A soft and supportive latex pillow for a more comfortable sleep.


  • MATERIAL natural latex
  • COVER Melody soft cotton velour
  • GUARANTEE 5 years
  • NOTE/S Latex will not compact. Available in contoured & standard.
  • Bambi

    Only the best fibres make the grade for Bambi Enterprises’ manchester and bedding.
  • Sleep tight in its high-quality range of quilts, mattress protectors and pillows made from wool, cotton, eucalyptus fibres and more.
  • For over 30 years, Australian’s have revelled in the comfort and quality of Bambi’s range of quilts, mattress protectors and pillows.
  • The Australian family-owned company boasts a favourable reputation that’s blossomed from a continuous production of innovative craftsmanship and quality.
  • Over 50% of its products are made in Australia and feature an extensive variety of materials, including the finest wool, alpaca, natural plant fibres and cotton.
  • There’s a piece to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep with latex, memory foam, velour, microfiber, magnetic therapy and waterproof fabrics available, too.
  • Shop with confidence knowing Bambi boasts a Gold Woolmark license, and is an Australian Made member as well. 



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    Finding the Perfect Pillow

    A particular point to take note of during your selection process is the mattress to which the pillow will be matched. If you have a latex mattress for example, a pillow made from the same latex material will help to evenly distribute your body weight.

    The right pillow is a vital part of a good night's sleep. Don’t subject yourself to one more uncomfortable, restless night.

    Sleepdoctor is your one stop online source for pillows of every type and price. Our quality selection, competitive pricing and exellent customer service will help you find your very own perfect pillow.

    What is the Best Pillow for me?

     Feather down pillows are widely considered to be the most comfortable. However, they are also the most expensive.

    Apart from the higher cost of investment, it is also worth considering that many people are allergic to feather down pillows, so they may not be the best choice for everyone and every budget. However, Sleepdoctor offers down-filled pillows at lower prices than most offline retailers.




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