Herington High and Firm Pillow

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Herington High and Firm Pillow
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Herington High and Firm Pillow 

Sleep better, live better. Herington is a premium brand offering high levels of fabrics and trims providing the user the ultimate in affordable luxury.

Side sleepers can now rest easy with the Herington High & Firm Pillow!

Designed and created with care, it offers exceptional support and comfort for a great night's rest.

All pillow covers are a 250 thread count percale cover with a piped and gusseted edge


Filled with a generous amount of low allergy ExcelFibre,

and featuring a high quality 250 thread count cotton cover with a piped and gusseted edge,

this Herington pillow is sure to help you sleep peacefully.

Care Instructions

For your convenience, the Herington High & Firm Pillow isn't just comfortable, it's also very easy to maintain.

Simply give this pillow a warm hand or gentle machine wash.

Pillow Sizing Guide

As a general guide, unless otherwise indicated, our Pillow Sizes are as follows:
Standard 48 x 73 cm
Junior 36 x 54 cm
European 65 x 65 cm
Boomerang Standard (U Shape or Tri Pillow)
70 x 38 cm
Boomerang Jumbo
78 x 42 cm
Body (also known as Bed Buddy)
48 x 152 cm
King 54 x 96 cm
54 x 80 cm



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Finding the Perfect Pillow

A particular point to take note of during your selection process is the mattress to which the pillow will be matched. If you have a latex mattress for example, a pillow made from the same latex material will help to evenly distribute your body weight.

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What is the Best Pillow for me?

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Apart from the higher cost of investment, it is also worth considering that many people are allergic to feather down pillows, so they may not be the best choice for everyone and every budget. However, Sleepdoctor offers down-filled pillows at lower prices than most offline retailers.