Bambi EcoRenew Ingeo Pillow

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Bambi EcoRenew Ingeo Pillow
SKU EcoRenew Ingeo Pillow

Bambi EcoRenew Ingeo Pillow

A perfect pillow for allergy sufferers, asthmatics,
environmentalists and those just after a good night sleep.

  • FILL 60% Ingeo / 40% high performance fibre
  • COVER Sateen - 100% high quality cotton
  • GUARANTEE 2 years on workmanship
  • CARE Spot clean. Air regularly

Whilst Bambi uses the most advanced manufacturing technology most of the work is hand crafted and custom made by the local skilled workforce.

So what you see in the factory is a skilled team working hands on at every stage of manufacture to ensure that every product is finished packed and delivered in perfect condition.

Every night across Australia thousands of families sleep soundly under the stars with Bambi, Australia’s family favourite.

Bambi has the widest choice of bedding products in Australia with trusted brand names that have become Australia’s family favourites including quilts, doonas, under blankets, mattress toppers, pillows and protectors and a range for baby.

They’re made in a wide range of materials from the finest wool, alpaca, natural plant fibres and cool cotton to latex, memory foam, velour, microfibre, polyester and waterproof fabrics.

So sleepwell and sleep with Bambi for a perfect nights sleep.

Australian through and through, Bambi is a family company, started 30+ years ago at home in Gosford by Peter & Jan Witney.

Bambi has since become one of the leading quality manufacturers in Australia with products selling in every state.

Still independent, Bambi has established the best reputation for superior quality and fine craftsmanship at the Gosford factory.

Bambi holds the prestigious Woolmark Gold label licence and has an Australian Furniture Excellence Award, and a CentBambi are recognised as the innovators in bedding and we are constantly researching the benefits of new materials and creating new product ideas to satisfy changing consumer needs.

Bambi was one of the first Australian manufacturers of bedding to produce machine washable woollen quilts.

Our 'moodmaker' wool-on-wool under blanket is the world's thickest woollen mattress overlay.

And we were the first to introduce revolutionary new plant fibre materials like ingeo™,  Tencel® and Bamboo from abundant and annually renewable natural raw material, now part of the environmentally friendly eco-renew range of products.

The new Protectiva waterproof mattress protector range is now the most innovative, safe and healthy way to protect your bed, specially designed for people who need extra protection for medical or other reasons.

Keep an eye out for exciting new innovations from Bambi by regularly visiting the 'Whats New' link on this web site.

ral Coast Manufacturers Award for innovation in design and manufacture.

Shop with confidence knowing Bambi boasts a Gold Woolmark license, and is an Australian Made member as well


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A particular point to take note of during your selection process is the mattress to which the pillow will be matched. If you have a latex mattress for example, a pillow made from the same latex material will help to evenly distribute your body weight.

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