Health Support Medium Pillow Top Mattress Double

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Health Support Medium Pillow Top Mattress Double
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Naturally Relieve Your Lower Back Pain

Research shows that lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in Australia and the number of cases of low back pain is only predicted to increase. You can’t miss this condition, as feeling sore, tense and stiff in your lower back is hard to ignore. However, the pain may also spread to your neck, thighs or buttocks, and will often worsen when you move, cough or sneeze. However, low back pain is both preventable and treatable.

Managing back pain

Although you might be tempted to reach for the painkillers and visit your doctor for something stronger if over-the-counter tablets don’t settle your symptoms, relying heavily on painkillers isn’t necessarily the answer. Not only can painkillers bring a range of side-effects, but stronger opioid analgesics are also highly addictive. Additionally, masking your symptoms is inadvisable, as unless you identify the cause of your back pain and take steps to address this, you will be left with chronic pain that doesn’t improve. A range of factors you may need to consider are losing excess weight, balancing rest and exercise, and improving your posture. For instance, taking regular, gentle exercise not only helps to keep you in good shape, but an exercise such as swimming is ideal for strengthening your core muscles, which support your spine. Meanwhile, when sitting you should also focus on achieving a good posture, as slouching at a desk with your feet flat on the floor and your monitor at the wrong height is a common cause of a bad back in the workplace. However, your sleeping position and the surface on which you sleep can also make a difference if you either have or wish to prevent back problems.

Adjust your sleeping position

Your posture in bed is just as important as how you sit or stand during the day.You may find that sleeping in a foetal position, placing a pillow between your knees helps. Alternatively, if you can’t deviate from sleeping on your back, a pillow placed beneath your knees will relieve the pressure on your back. Buying an extra pillow for this purpose is a small price to pay, particularly if it helps provide some respite from your pain and allows you a better night’s sleep, as daytime tiredness is often a consequence of low back pain.

Change your mattress

If you can’t remember when you last changed your mattress, it is definitely a sign that you need to buy a new mattress.However, even if your mattress appears like it is still in reasonable condition, just changing the type of mattress you have can do wonders for your back.Indeed, in a study of people with low back pain who were prescribed a new mattress by a chiropractor for 12 weeks, they noticed a significant improvement in their pain, stiffness and sleep quality.What’s more, this improvement became greater over the 12 week period, showing progressive improvement in their symptoms. While the new mattresses received by participants in this study were medium-firm, a range of chiropractic grade mattresses are available for you to choose from, as the evidence doesn’t indicate that a mattress has to be firm.In fact, some research shows that a softer mattress may even offer benefits.For instance, a group of patients suffering from chronic low back pain, who received a foam or water bed mattress experienced less pain and improved sleep compared to those people assigned a harder mattress. If you are under the care of a doctor or chiropractor for your back pain, you may wish to seek their advice on the most suitable mattress given your own circumstances. However, otherwise when it comes to selecting a new mattress, pick one that feels comfortable for you, as there is little point in buying a firm mattress if you don’t feel it will allow you a good night’s sleep.

Additional considerations

It is quite common to have neck pain alongside a bad back, so if this is the case, it is sensible to invest in a memory foam pillow, as these offer greater support for your neck. Additionally, choosing an adjustable bed is another helpful way to improve your posture while in bed, particularly if you spend time sat in bed as well as asleep.


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