Minijumbuk Cool Wool Cotton Quilt Supa King

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Minijumbuk Cool Wool Cotton Quilt Supa King
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Minijumbuk UltraWool Quilt Single

 Our value-for-money machine-washable quilts, made to our traditional high standards for year-round use.


The only wool bedding with acceptanceby the National Asthma Council Australia FILLING:AUSTRALIAN WOOL (450gsm)

• Full and light • Provides lightweight warmth • Safe and healthy • Helps maintain even sleeping temperature PURE COTTON SATEEN(233 Thread Count)

• Soft and smooth • Keeps filling in and dust outUltra Fresh ® FILLING • Lasting freshness • Effective control against dust mites DIAMOND QUILTING PATTERN

• Improved drape and comfort• Contours around your bodyEASY CARE • Can be machine washed• Bed making made easy5 YEAR GUARANTEE

• Lasting quality guaranteed • Confidence in a premium product CONSTRUCTIONCASING


SINGLE 140 x 210cm 2.0kg

DOUBLE 180 x 210cm 2.8kg

QUEEN 210 x 210cm 3.2kg

KING 245 x 210cm 3.7kg

SUPA KING 270 x 240cm 5.0kg


Air & shake out regularly to maintain loft Warm (40ºC) machine wash on wool cycle Do not bleach Normal spin Dry naturally or tumble dry on low setting

May be dry cleaned (air well afterwards) 

WARNING: Excess heat and agitation will damage this fine woolproduct and should be avoided during the cleaning process.




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Caring For Your Doona/Quilt

We recommend airing quilts before their first use, this helps to freshen and revitalise the wool fibres inside the quilt after the quilt has been removed from the packaging. It is not necessary to launder our quilts before first use. Wool loves fresh air and sunshine, so rather than regular washing we recommend airing your quilt regularly outside on a warm breezy day. Spritzing the quilt with a little water before hanging it on the line will also freshen up the quilt.Regular airing will extend the life of your quilt.

Laundering your sheets/linen regularly will help protect the quilt and prolong its life and we recommend using good quality quilt covers with all of our quilts. If you do decide to wash or dry clean your quilt please ensure that you follow the care label instructions. Wool doesn’t like being agitated and neither does it like getting too hot, so always wash machine washable quilts in a front loader washing machine in 40o warm water. If you are dry cleaning your quilt always ask the dry cleaner to ensure they follow the care label.

We also recommend that you seek a dry cleaner who is a member of the Dry Cleaners Institute of Australia to be sure that good care is taken of your MiniJumbuk quilt -  (Note that some stains (such as sweat) can become ‘set’ through the dry cleaning process). If you don’t want to wash your quilt, but have a small stain on it, the mix recommended by Woolmark for spot cleaning of most stains (blood, tea, urine, vomit etc) is as follows Solution of one teaspoon of approved wool detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one litre of warm water. 


Woollen quilts

Wool can be a tough customer, so if in doubt, leave it to the experts. Wool will shrink in warm temperatures, so keep the water below 30°C. Be wary of temperature when drying your quilt, too, as it needs to dry slowly, lying flat. If possible, let it dry in the shade – you could place it on top of your Hills Hoist.

Feather and down quilts

Some doonas with a feather or down filling may have to go to the dry cleaners, but others are more hardy. If yours is OK to get wet and you can fit it in your machine, pop the quilt through a ‘delicate’ cycle with wool wash. If it has to go in the bathtub, you can use shampoo or soap flakes as your cleaning agent and get those feet stomping to wash it. Rinse it twice and dry it in the sun.

Polyester and microfibre quilts

Most quilts with these types of fillings can take a spin through the washing machine. They can usually handle a little warmer temp, say around 60°C, but again, check that label for care instructions. If you’re worried, just use the delicate or gentle cycle on your washing machine, or get in into the bath for a hand wash. Some varieties can go into the dryer on the coolest setting, but it will vary brand to brand; plus, a doona dried in the sunshine has a gorgeous feel to it.


Once your quilt is completely dry, store it in a natural-fibre bag made of cotton or linen, so it can breathe. If your quilt is stored in plastic, it could be musty or mildew-y after storage. If you don’t have a bag handy, wrap it in a cotton sheet. Store your quilt in a cool, dry spot.

Easy maintenance tips

  • To stop the accumulation of dust mites, air your doona in the sun every month. Air your pillows at the same time, too.
  • Give your doona a vacuum to freshen it up. Before you get started, wrap a stocking around the nozzle so the suction isn’t too strong.
  • When you change your sheets, rotate your quilt to stop the filling pooling in one spot.  

Shipping is currently only available within Australia, typical delivery times expected are:

* Melbourne - Approximately 1-3 business days 

* Sydney, - Approximately 3-5 business days 

* Adelaide - Approximately 5-7 business days 

* Brisbane, - Approximately 4-7 business days.

* Perth - Approximately 6-10 business days.

 All areas outside these metro locations please allow up to 8-10 business days.

 Please note these time frames are estimates, and our carriers endeavour to meet these estimates at all times. 


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Delivery costs will vary depending on product and location. To work out your delivery costs add the item to the shopping cart and type in your postcode.

This will work out the delivery charges and also give you different delivery options if available.


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Yes, you can arrange the collection of your order from our showroom/warehouse 
We will contact you to inform you when your order is ready to be picked up.